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We Don't NEED NO Safety Program!

They thought that it couldn't happen!

They SAID that it couldn't happen.

They just didn't follow ONE Safety Rule.

The boss will never know. Hmmmm

What Were They Thinking?????

We came across these photos, and we just HAD to share them.
Realize that it could ALWAYS be worse!
Add your pictures to our "Hall of Shame!"
If there are actual faces, we will blur them to hide the, shall we say, not so smart ...

Click an image to see more:

wwtt1 ladder 1thmb
wwtt2Ladder 2thmb
wwtt3 Ladder 3 thmb
wwtt4 lostMyJob1thmb
wwtt5 lostMyJob2thmb
wwtt6 lostMyJob3thmb
wwtt7 lostMyJob4thmb
wwtt8 lostMyJob5thmb
wwtt9 lostMyJob6thmb
wwtt10 lostMyJob7thmb
wwtt11 lostMyJob8thmb
wwtt12 photo82thmb
wwtt13 safety20shockerthmb