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Safety Events Calendar



National Radon Action Month
Personal Self-Defense Awareness Month



Aggressive Driving Month
Workplace Eye Safety Month

Feb. 6-12  Burn Awareness Week



Save Your Vision Month

Sports Eye Safety Month

Poison Prevention Month

Mar. 6-12 Patient Safety Awareness Week
Mar. 20-26 Inhalants & Poisons Prevention Awareness Week
Mar. 21-25 Youth Violence Prevention Week



Facial Protection Month
Sexual Assault Awareness Month
Train Safety Awareness Month
Women's Eye Health & Safety Month
Youth Sports Safety Month


Apr. 3-9 National Window Safety Week
Apr. 4-10 National Public Health Week

Apr. 4-8 National Work Zone Awareness Week

Apr. 5 SAAM (Sexual Assault Awareness Month) Day of Action
Apr. 22
  Earth Day


Apr. 25-29  National Playground Safety Week

Apr. 25-May 1  SAFE Kids Week


Clean Air Month
National Electrical Safety Month

Melanoma & Skin Cancer Prevention Month
National Bike Month
National Motorcycle Month

May 1  Keep Kids Alive - Drive 25 Day
May 1-7 
North American Occupational Safety and Health Week
May 5   Occupational Safety & Health Professionals Day  

May 8-14 Food Allergy Awareness Week
May 11-17 
National Building Safety Week

May 16-22  National Emergency Medical Services Week
May 16-20    Bike to Work Week

May 21-27 National Safe Boating Week
May 21-28  Buckle Up!
America Week
May 23-June 5  Click It or Ticket Mobilization Week.





Fireworks Safety Month

Home Safety Month
National Safety Month

Jun. 27-Jul 4  Eye Safety Awareness Week


Eye Injury Prevention Month
Fireworks Safety Month

UV Safety Month



Children's Eye Health and Safety Month

Aug. 2
  National Night Out Against Crime



Food Safety Education Month
Sports & Home Eye Safety Month
National Preparedness Month

Sept. 1-7  Child Injury Protection Week
Sept. 18-24 National Farm Safety & Health Week
Sept. 18-24 Child Passenger Safety Week
Sept. 24 National Seat Belt Check Saturday


Auto Battery Safety Month

Crime Prevention Month
Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Halloween Safety Month

Oct. 3-7  Drive Safely to Work Week
Oct. 9-15
  Fire Prevention Week

Oct. 10  Put the Brakes on Fatalities Day
National Radon Action Week

Oct. 16-22 Teen Driver Safety Week 

Oct. 16-23

Oct. 17-21  School Bus Safety Week


Nov. 6-12 Marcus' Safe Birthday Week
Nov. 20-26 Teens Don't Text & Drive Week

Nov. 24-Dec. 31  Tie One On For Safety Campaign (Red Ribbon)



Drunk & Drugged Driving (3D) Prevention Month

Safe Toys, Gifts and Celebrations Month

Dec. 4-10 Hand Washing Awareness Week

We believe in promotion Safety and Health at business and at home.  Events in BOLD are usually promoted only in the workplace.

Calendar Updates Courtesy of BIC Norwood. 

Let Us Help You Promote These Events For Your Business!





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