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Safety Slogans


Slogans for all occasions! Don't know what to say? We have hundreds of slogans. You can choose by theme, program, product, even time of year. Most of the awareness gifts have slogan suggestions or you can choose your own.

Slogans like:
  • Lift with your hands, not with your back, think safety.
  • Safety is a bright idea.
  • Safety is everybody's job.
  • Sharpen your safety awareness.
  • Safety is no accident.
  • Safety is contagious...catch it!
  • Prevent just one accident: the next one!
  • Have a safe vacation! We want you back!
  • If you think safety is a pain...consider an accident.
All of our hundreds of slogans are available, at no cost, to all of our clients. We will add the slogans at no additional charge to any of our imprintable gifts, and we can also create a program around a safety slogan.