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Think Safety, Productivity, Wellness.
Think Piece of Mind


Programs to Encourage Your Employees to Work Healthy, Safely and More Productively.

The Awards and Promotional Gifts to Remind and Reward them!

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Your Safety Program
will pay for itself:

Every Dollar saved is PURE PROFIT...

  • Reduce Accidents by 50% - 100%
  • Lower Workers Compensation Costs
  • Cut Insurance Costs
  • Increase Near Miss Awareness
  • Reduce Absenteeism
  • Productivity will increase
  • Waste is reduced
  • Create a Safety Attitude
  • Promote Teamwork
  • Accomplish Established Goals
  • Attitude, & Morale are Improved
  • ... and more!

Merchandise Vs. Cash Awards

If you ask your employees, or almost anyone: "Would your prefer merchandise or cash?" Almost 95 to 98% will say: "Cash". However, studies and experience has shown that merchandise and gifts are a better motivator over the long term.

Click Here to see why more companies are moving toward merchandise awards.


Latest Awareness Idea!

What a SWEET way to remind everyone to LIFT properly!

180 units per case. Only $45.00 each includes shipping.
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The Most Dangerous Jobs In America
The Bureau of Labor Statistics has released its list of the most dangerous jobs in the country and the good news is that 2015 was one of the safest years on record. The bad news is that there were still too many fatal injuries. The report points specifically to driving-related jobs as the most dangerous, accounting for nearly half of work-related deaths. Other occupations that ranked high on the list were logging, aircraft pilots, fishing, construction and garbage collecting. This report could be a good way to approach your management about the importance of establishing and supporting an ongoing safety program. For the complete list of jobs check out the Bureau's full report:

Not Just for Safety Programs


Most of our Products, Gifts, and Awards can also be used for other Programs including:

  • Employee Wellness
  • Employee Recognition
  • Years of Service Awards
  • Near Miss Awareness
  • Productivity
  • Suggestions
  • New Employee Referrals
  • Human Resource




And, for sales and marketing

  • Motivation
  • Sales
  • Marketing