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Program Solutions

Our Featured Safety Programs... that work!

Make It Happen Safely!
MIH Ticket
A "Turn-Key" program is simple to administer! Everything is prepared in advance: Promotions, materials, and merchandise awards. Because of our "Instant Winner" format, there are NO detailed records to maintain. Just distribute the cards and let the winners redeem their gifts! THAT'S IT!!

Safety Word Bingo
Finally! A SAFETY AWARENESS PROGRAM designed to enhance education and training by promoting specific safe behavior to employees EVERY DAY. Safety Word Bingo is played just like 'regular' Safety Bingo, EXCEPT that it replaces numbers with SAFETY BEHAVIOR INSTRUCTIONAL SLOGANS.

Super Safety Bingo!
Scratch Off Lottery Tickets and Bingo: the TWO most popular games that people love to play!   Combine these two games and you have a winner: you have SUPER Safety BINGO! 
Each game is played monthly and there are a controlled number of winners and losers.  Click the title and learn more about this successful game! We at Tropical Promotions and SafetyWins.com will help you structure your program and select the prizes and gifts that your employees will value.

Safety Bingo
An Old Favorite! Safety Bingo is played just like the "normal" Bingo game. A versatile program. Safety Bingo also makes an excellent fill-in program.

Award Points Program
Many Companies use a "Point System" for their Safety Award Programs.  Points are awarded on a periodic basis, based on accomplishments. Participants are able to select their award from a predetermined selection of gifts.

One of the most popular and cherished award and awareness gifts.

Apparel/Wearables are valued! And to add to that value, Apparel/Wearables are worn constantly to further reinforce your safety message!

Contact us for Case Histories, and for us to show you how you can use Apparel/Wearables to reinforce your Safety Message.

OTHER Safety Program Ideas
Finally, here are a few others, but there are many more!

Whatever program you and your company will use, PLANNED Repetition and Continuity with assure the success of your program.

SafetyWins.com and Tropical Promotions will help you and your staff plan your program so that the administrative part of your program will be kept to a minimum.