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Our customers say it best ...
"Make It Happen Safely has reduced our injury rate this year. Our OSHA recordable rate is 1.9 for the 1st 6 months, compared to 3.3 for the same period last year."
"The Lost Time rate is .07 compared to 1.1 last year."
� DM, Heater Manufacturer
"I see it, and I still don't believe it! In the 6 months that your program has been in effect, OSHA-recordable accidents went from an average of 3.3 per month to 1 per month, Lost Work Day Injuries went from 15 to 7, a reduction of over 54%!"
� MB, Soap Manufacturer
"During the past 2 years that your program has been in place, we have experienced a reduction in accidents in excess of 50%"
� RH, Cast Aluminum Foundry
MJC PicSuit
"In the 2 years that we have been using your Make It Happen Safely Incentive program in conjunction with your monthly Awareness Program, our Loss Ratio went from 283% to 32%! We are happy to report that we have now been taken out of the Insurance pool!"
— JO, Food Service Commissary & Route Drivers
"Safe-T Bingo game instituted in February of last year reduced the number of compensable work related injuries from 38 to 20, with only one additional by October."
"It has also helped with the employees policing each other and 'Monday morning' injuries are now nonexistent"
— WW, Metal Finishing Plant