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Is Tropical Promotion's online "Idea Center" to offer our clients and prospects a comprehensive solution to their Safety Programs, Gifts, and Employee Awards and Recognition.

Now, in one place, you will be able to review ideas for Safety Programs, select gift ideas, and even read what similar companies have done in the past.

This website is our commitment to you, the Safety Director, Health & Human Resource Professional, and the Risk Manager; and will continue to be a 'work in progress'.

If you have any suggestions, please help us help you!

Don't see what you're looking for? Have an idea we do not show?

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We Help You Keep Safety "Top-Of-Mind".

We implemented our first Safety Program in 1983. Our background in marketing and safety allows us to develop unique programs that will motivate your people and raise their awareness. Our programs will help you get your employees THINK and ACT SAFELY!

Because marketing is our primary background. We have been able to adapt our safety programs to work a little differently to be able to help you and your employees to achieve your goals.

We have been active in the Safety Industry for over 40 years. We have been active in the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)(Now ASSP The American Society of Safety Professionals) and other safety and human resource organizations.

For the technical training, surveys, and consulting, we partner with several qualified professionals that we would be happy to recommend.



Meet: Marcus J. Cohen, MAS

Since Marcus' first "accidental" safety program for an Aluminum Foundry in St Louis in the early 1980's, Marcus has created and implemented many successful safety and employee recognition programs that have worked successfully for his clients. With over 45 years of experience in the Promotional Products Industry, Marcus' unique experiences in sales promotions, marketing, and merchandising enables him to offer comprehensive solutions that go beyond promotional products and incentive programs.

Marcus holds an MAS, a Master Advertising Specialist Designation. The MAS is the Promotional Products Industry's highest credential, held by less than 1% of the industry. Although Safety and Health is his main priority and focus, Marcus has created and implemented very unique and effective marketing and incentive programs for business and industry.

He has won Bronze and Silver Level ADDY Awards presented by the Advertising Federation. Marcus is active in several community and business organizations.

  • We Know WHAT Works!

    We started our programs in 1983! We learned what works and what does not work. We look forward to sharing our experience and assisting your company.

  • We're Creative!

    We create programs that might be considered a little different. Our ideas will get your employees attention. Ideas that will get them to THINK and WORK SAFELY.

  • We Use ONLY QUALITY Merchandise.

    Our experience has shown us what employees and families like, want, and use. From the least expensive client branded awareness products to the most expensive Brand Name Gifts, the merchandise selections are carefully made, and the vendors are carefully selected.

  • Our Custom Pre-Developed Programs Save You and Your Company Thousands of $$$$$$$$.

    Because our programs are used internally, they can be duplicated in several companies in the same area, and implemented at the same time. ALL of our programs are created to be easily duplicated, completely customizable, work with any size workforce, and are virtually ADMINISTRATION-FREE!

  • On Time, On Budget.

    Your account manager and your own production coordinator follow your program from concept to delivery. Your account manager will also assist you in the development and the implementation of YOUR Program.

  • Virtually Administration-Free.

    We make it SIMPLE and EASY. Most of our programs were designed with the idea that you do NOT have the TIME for another project. You'll be surprised and pleased how little you have to do, and STILL have a SUCCESSFUL PROGRAM!

"We appreciate the effect of the Safety Incentive Program that you helped us implement, the service you provided us, and your continued interest in our Safety Program."  MB, Soap Manufacturer