Program Solutions: Award Points Program

Many Safety Programs use an Award Point program.

Participants are presented an Award Point Catalog and a copy of the rules, or a gift card and our gift that they can actually SEE what they have a chance of winning, plus they discuss it with fellow participants.

Award points may be awarded on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Some companies award the points quarterly, or after accomplishing a certain goal.

Whatever way you choose, it is important that your participants be kept informed of their point standing. Remember, they are working toward a special goal that they have set. They need to know their progress.

Sometimes additional points are awarded when the employee is "Caught Doing Something Right".

Use Awareness gifts to keep the program on top of their mind in addition to awarding the points.

There are many ways that these Award Point program have been successfully used to achieve many different types of goals.

Contact us to discuss how an Award Point Program can help you achieve your goals.

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